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What Makes Dildos Better Than Vibrators?

When newcomers first enter sex toys, they’re usually confounded by the options. You have so many options to choose from, all with different terms and names. You have dildos, vibrators, clitoral suckers, simulators, and so much more. What’s the right sex toy for you? What’s the difference between dildos and vibrators? And what makes dildos better than vibrators?

What’s the deal with dildos?

The term dildo” can describe a wide range of objects that can penetrate the vagina or anus. Generally speaking, a dildo can be any phallic object capable of penetrating the anus or vagina. Back in the day, it was believed that our ancestors even used elongated stones or baguettes for penetration. So, in that case, those stones and baguettes would also be considered dildos. In a modern sense, dildos are penis-shaped devices intended for vaginal or anal penetration.

These days, you can also find a lot of penetrative objects and sex toys with motors and moving parts. Motorized sex toys can sometimes deliver better stimulation. But if a penis-shaped sex toy intended for penetration has moving parts, it’s no longer considered to be a dildo. As such, a dildo is a penis-shaped object meant for penetration and without any moving parts or motors. Dildos are completely stationary, so you can use them for masturbation as a penis substitute.

Modern-day dildos are made from a wide range of materials, including rubber, glass, wood, plastic, metal, and silicone. Cyberskin materials are uniquely designed to resemble the texture and sensation of human skin, complete with the veins and blood vessels. Rubber and silicone dildos are more flexible, and body-safe silicone is generally considered to be the best material for dildos, especially because they are extremely soft and nonporous, so they can’t lead to fungal infections.

Dildos can be used solo for masturbation or incorporated into your sexual experience with your partner. Some couples use dildos to stimulate the g-spot.

How are vibrators different from dildos?

Sex toy novices often use the terms “dildo” and “vibrator” synonymously. And vibrators do share a lot of commonalities with dildos. They are also objects meant for vaginal or anal penetration. But unlike dildos, vibrators can also pulsate and vibrate, thus offering better stimulation. Vibrators also come in numerous shapes and sizes — some are meant for external stimulation, some for vaginal stimulation, and some for clitoral stimulation. And unlike dildos, vibrators aren’t always shaped by penises — the shape is more optimized for stimulation.

Vibrators have come a long way since they first originated in the early 1900s. Over the decades, because of increasing sexual liberation, vibrators became mainstream items of female sexual pleasure. These days, theres no dearth of vibrators on the market — you can find them in every shape, size, and color. Some of them are also remote-controlled, which allows couples to control each others pleasure from long distances.

Furthermore, some vibrators also come with dual motors that provide cascades of sexual stimulation. Biird’s Evii, for example, is an external vibrator that can deliver waves of pulsing vibrations to induce clitoral orgasms. If you go shopping for vibrators, you should definitely have a strong understanding of what you want and do some research ahead of time. Whether you want to use the vibrator solo or with a partner, they are loads of fun!

Biird Evii External Vibe

So, why are dildos better than vibrators?

The honest answer is that dildos aren’t necessarily better than vibrators. Both dildos and vibrators have their unique features, making them suitable for different people in different situations. You should evaluate your goals and desires and find a sex toy to match them. However, we describe some of the reasons you may prefer dildos over vibrators below.

1. Privacy

Vibrators use motors, so they sound like an electric toothbrush or a vibrating phone. If you have roommates or family members, you may not want them to know you’re masturbating. Dildos are completely quiet, so you can use them for masturbation without worrying about the noise. You can also use dildos in the shower without worrying about people asking about the buzzing sounds. Dildos are ultimately better for privacy.

2. Grip

Some dildos come with suction cups at the base, which you can attach to the wall, floor, chair, or any other flat surface. Once you attach the dildo to a flat surface, you can back up on it or sit down on it without using your hands. For example, Biird's Surii comes with the perfect suction base. If you use a vibrator, you have to use your hands for stimulation. But you can ride dildos without ever using your hands, making the experience more comfortable. The same could be said regarding butt plugs.

Biird Surii Dildo

3. Realism

Motorized vibrators dont look like a real penis. Sure, not everyone wants an actual penis-shaped sex toy. If youre not into penises, you may not want your favorite sex toy to resemble that shape. But if you enjoy looking at and feeling penises, realistic dildos might be more to your liking. Some of the most realistic dildos also have bendable shafts and veinous textures to make the experience feel real.

4. Affordability

Vibrators with motors are generally more expensive because they involve more engineering. Meanwhile, good dildos (without harmful materials) are cheaper and more affordable, usually ranging from $30 to $60. As such, if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money on sex toys, dildos might be more suitable for you.

While dildos certainly have several advantages over vibrators, you must remember that the ultimate choice comes down to you. Vibrators also have several benefits, such as offering more opportunities for clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, clitoral suction, and much more. Once you explore your desires, you can find the best sex toy for yourself. And if you’re gifting a sex toy, you may want to first understand the recipients preferences before making a purchase.

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