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The Ultimate Guide to G-Spot: What is it, How to Find it, and Best Sex Positions

An orgasm is one of the greatest pleasures you can experience. The human body has numerous seats of pleasure, and it’s only natural that we understand their purpose. In terms of the female anatomy, the G-spot is probably one of the most elusive pleasure points in contemporary sexual awareness. The G-spot is popularly understood to be a specific, hard-to-find point within the vagina that can deliver deep, powerful orgasms.

The G-spot is an erogenous zone within the vagina, and its correct stimulation is said to induce the strongest and most intense pleasure possible. But the presence of the G-spot is so mythologized and fetishized that its actual location is a mystery. Some say there’s no such thing as a G-spot or that it’s an organ drawn from male fantasies. Others believe the G-spot is a particular point on the clitoris.

So, what is the G-spot? Does it actually exist? How to find it? And what are the best sexual positions to stimulate the G-spot? This article answers all of those questions and more!

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot is popularly understood to be a particular point within the female genitalia that can deliver intensely powerful orgasms. But the presence of an actual G-spot is highly dubious. Short for the Gräfenberg spot, the G-spot was first theorized by Dr. Beverly Whipple, who discovered that the “come here” finger motions within the vagina produced an intense reaction in her test subjects. She labeled this particular point as the infamous G-spot.

However, the G-spot isn’t an actual point within the human anatomy. Numerous attempts and studies to locate an actual G-spot have led to inconclusive results, and the presence of this seat of pleasure seems to be different for different women. Instead of being a particular fixed point within the female anatomy, the G-spot is a colloquial term for a subjective point within the clitoral network, i.e., the entire clitoral structure.

The clitoris is generally understood to be the pea-sized nub at the region where the inner labia connect. But this tiny nub is just the tip of a much deeper organ that divides into two roots extending four inches long. The clitoris has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the human body, so it can deliver extremely strong sensations even with mild stimulation. It’s the only body part with only one function — delivering pleasure.

Different women respond to different levels of clitoral stimulation. But it’s generally understood that clitoral stimulation delivers stronger, more powerful, and more reliable orgasms than vaginal stimulation. The G-spot isn’t an actual anatomical spot — it’s a subjective point within the clitoral structure that can deliver the strongest orgasms. Each individual’s sensitivity is unique, so the G-spot also varies from one individual to the next, making it incredibly hard (if not impossible) to locate.

So, let’s simplify the answer. The G-spot isn’t a real anatomical spot; it’s a colloquial term referring to the subjective point within each female’s anatomy that delivers the most powerful orgasms. Stimulating the clitoris is the most reliable means of achieving an orgasm, so the G-spot can be said to exist at some point along the large clitoral network. Its exact position varies from one individual to the next, making it difficult to trace.

How to find the G-spot?

Since the G-spot isn’t an actual anatomical structure within the human body, it can be incredibly difficult to identify. Instead of relying on a partner to discover your G-spot, you have to take the reins of sexual exploration into your own hands. The best way to identify the G-spot within your body is to use your fingers or a clitoral vibrator to stimulate different parts of your clitoral structure. You’ll know it when you find the G-spot.

The G-spot is an erogenous zone with a high concentration of nerve endings located along the extremely sensitive clitoral region. The best way to identify the G-spot is to relax and get into a sensual frame of mind. You should start exploring your body gently, doing whatever feels most natural and comfortable to you. When you’re ready and aroused, you can massage your vaginal lips and gently stroke the clitoral tip, with or without a sex toy. In case you're looking for a perfect clitoral vibrator, check out the lovely Namii.

Namii Biird Clitoral Vibrator

Using your fingers or clitoral vibrator, move upwards towards the belly button in a “come hither” gesture. You don’t need to hit one specific button within your body — you’re simply trying to find the spot that feels best for you. That’s why you can’t exactly rely on information drawn from others — the G-spot is unique to everyone. Repeat the “come hither” motion at various points with a G-Spot vibrator like Gii around your clitoris until you experience a powerful sensation, and then repeat.

If you want to make the sensation even more powerful, you can try using a clitoral suction vibrator. Traditional sex toys, human partners, and even your fingers can only reach a small part of the clitoris — usually only the visible nub on top. But the clitoral structure runs deep underneath. Clitoral suction vibrators release sonic pulses and generate air pressure waves to stimulate the entire clitoral structure, helping you identify the G-spot faster and more effectively.

Biird Gii Perfect G-Spot Vibrator

However, even if you can’t find the G-spot or don’t have an earth-shattering orgasm, that’s okay. Not all females find sexual satisfaction through G-spot stimulation; that’s completely natural. Instead of focusing on finding the G-spot, it’s a lot more helpful to explore your body without firm expectations and enjoy the sensations you find along the way. Pleasure is unique to all — follow your body’s beats and rhythms. 

Top 8 sex positions to stimulate the G-spot

The best way to identify the G-spot is through self-exploration and masturbation. But once you find the G-spot, you can better instruct your partner and guide them towards the point of pleasure. You can also explore various sex positions to trigger powerful G-spot-based orgasms. You should ideally find sex positions that offer more control, helping you find the type of stimulation that works best for you. We describe the top sex positions to stimulate the G-spot.

Soft Serve

The Soft Serve is basically a spoon with penetration. To execute this position, you should get into the small spoon position, bring your knees up slightly, and have them enter you from behind. This position offers the ideal opportunity for your partner’s penis or strap-on to reach the clitoral region. Both you and your partner can control and stimulate the clitoris — you can use your fingers, sex toys, or guide your partner. While your partner reaches for the G-spot, you can also use your fingers to guide them correctly, ensuring a reliable and powerful orgasm.


The G-Whiz is specifically meant to maximize your chance of achieving a G-spot orgasm. To execute this position, you should lie back with your legs on your partner’s shoulders. Raising your legs above a 90-degrees angle narrows the vagina, helping your partner reach your G-spot more conveniently. Once your partner enters you, ask them to rock you in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion, which will bring their strap-on or penis into direct contact with your clitoris. The motion will serve as the “come hither” motion, increasing the possibility of orgasm.

Reverse Scoop

The Reverse Scoop is an extremely simple yet powerful position to execute. You have to simply lie down side-by-side, facing each other. This is one of the most intimate positions because you’re directly facing each other as you reach for a G-spot orgasm, making it so much more intimate and powerful. This position basically provides the benefits of a spoon, but with even more face time! You can also control the depth of your partner’s penetration by narrowing or widening your thighs, so this is a great way to take charge of your orgasm.

Good Doggy

The Good Doggy is a modification of the traditional Doggy Style position, but it’s more suitable for G-spot orgasms. In this position, you have to get down on your knees, lower your torso until your chest touches or almost touches the bed, and raise your butt in the air. Your partner kneels behind you and enters you from behind with their penis, strap-on, or dildo. This position promises the deepest penetration possible, so it’s one of the most effective means of achieving G-spot stimulation. Your partner can also wrap their hands around your body to stimulate your breasts and nipples.

Big Dipper

The Big Dipper is an excellent position for deep penetrations for G-spot stimulation. You lie down on your right side while your partner kneels, straddles your leg, and enters you. This position allows you to achieve a penetration that’s as deep as the Doggy, but you can maintain eye contact throughout. You can also ask your partner to massage your clitoris or nipples and try shaking your hips back and forth for additional stimulation. Since one of your legs is wrapped around your partner, you can move your leg to dictate the speed and depth of their thrusts, helping you stay in control.

Girl On Fire

The Girl On Fire is one of the best positions for those who want to maintain control over their partner’s thrusts. This position is similar to the Cowgirl but with a unique twist. You have to sit on top of your partner, facing them as they enter you. Once they’re inside, you can lean back and place your hands on your partner’s knees for support, creating a 45-degree angle. You can experiment with the angle to change the depth of penetration — the more you lean, the deeper the penetration against your vaginal wall. You can also make eye contact for intimacy.

The Snake

The Snake is another unique modification of the Doggy Style position. During this position, you have to lie down on your stomach and thrust your hips slightly up, allowing your partner to lie down on top of you. Your partner can slide into your from behind while holding onto your back or your arms. This angle is an excellent way to reach the front wall of the vagina. While your partner is primarily responsible for controlling the thrusts in this position, you can still move your butt up or down to dictate the depth of penetration.


The Wheelbarrow is one of the most exciting standing-sex positions for G-spot stimulation. To execute this position, you have to get on your hands and feet and allow your partner to elevate your pelvis to their penis or strap-on. To strengthen your grip, wrap your legs around your partner’s waist while they thrust into you. This position should hit your G-spot within seconds. It might seem like your partner is entirely in control in this position, but you can dictate their thrusts by wrapping your legs around their waist harder. If your arms are tired, you can lean on a table.

If you follow the aforementioned sex positions, you should be on your way to G-spot stimulation and powerful orgasms. But remember — the point of sex isn’t to accomplish a specific task but to enjoy the journey with your partner. Whether your partner hits your G-spot or not, be patient and simply enjoy the ride!

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