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Using Sex Toys for Tantric Sex

Most people consider sex to be a purely physical or physical/emotional activity. But sex can also have deep spiritual dimensions that can heighten your experience. Tantric sex is a form of slow sex that luxuriates in the emotional and spiritual aspects of sex. Instead of rushing to get to the finish line, tantric sex is all about slowing down, enjoying the journey, and focusing on the sensations along the way.

Most people believe sex ends with orgasms. But sex is about so much more than just the instant gratification of an orgasm. It allows you to connect with your partner and yourself in a much deeper and more sensual manner. After all, sex isn’t all about orgasms. You can incorporate tantric sex practices with your partner or even in your solo masturbation sessions to connect deeper with each other and yourselves.

But how do you practice tantric sex? This article describes the benefits of tantric sex and how you can elevate the experience with sex toys.

What are the benefits of tantric sex?

Reduce Performance Anxiety

The end goal of sex is usually an orgasm. Most people rush to the finish line and expect to be gratified with a powerful orgasm or even multi-orgasms. But focusing too much on orgasms can also lead to performance anxiety, making the experience more stressful. Tantric sex moves you beyond the mentality of gaining an orgasm, which, in turn, reduces performance anxiety and helps you enjoy the experience more.

Improve Communication

Tantric sex places more emphasis on communication with your partner. You are encouraged to talk during sex, check in with each other, and actively focus on each others experiences. It also helps you get into deeper communion with your own body and focus on the sensations that make you feel good. Consequently, tantric sex can help you enjoy sex more and improve the quality of your relationships with your partners and yourself!

Redefine Sex & Sexuality

Most of us fall into a rut when it comes to sex. You may follow the same sexual routine every day, which can also make sex a monotonous process. It can also prevent you from exploring other aspects of sexuality. But tantric sex breaks free from those confines. Tantric sex allows you to shift your focus, discover the hidden pleasures of your body and its erogenous zones, and broaden your view of sexuality.

Improve Self-Esteem

When you get in touch with your body and its requirements, you feel more confident and powerful in every other aspect of your life. Tantric sex is all about connecting your mind to your body and emotions, allowing you to take the time to discover your true desires. This can help you love yourself and your body, and it can even make you better at sex! Because there’s nothing sexier than someone who knows exactly what they want.

How to use sex toys for tantric sex?

The practice of tantric sex dates back thousands of years, having originated in ancient India. But that doesn’t mean tantric sex is mutually exclusive from modern notions and modes of sexuality, such as sex toys. You can definitely incorporate sex toys in your tantric sex experiences to heighten your experience. Below, we describe how you can integrate sex toys in your tantric sex adventures, both with a partner or solo!

Explore Your Erogenous Zones

Sex toys can do a lot more than simply excite your nether regions. You can also repurpose your sex toys to stimulate your erogenous zones, i.e., the parts of your body with a high volume of nerve endings. When you stimulate the erogenous zones, such as the underarms, neck, and thighs, you feel deep pleasure. You can use sex toys, such as the Namii clitoral suction vibrator, to stimulate these regions and feel pleasure.

Namii is made of body-safe silicone and has a soft, silky finish that can feel delicious against your skin. It also has a slightly ribbed design with wavy textures, making your skin feel tingly and amazing. When you activate Namii and run it across your body, you can feel a gentle suction force, sort of like someone is sucking on your skin. Theres no better way to explore your own body (and your partners) than to use a clitoral suction sex toy.

Biird Namii

Extend the Play

Tantric sex is all about extending your stamina and enjoying the moment for hours at a stretch. Instead of rushing past the foreplay, spend hours simply exploring your and each other’s bodies! You can use Biird’s Evii, a dual-motor clitoral vibrator, to generate soft vibrational energy, which can tease and stimulate different parts of your body. Make the sensation last, play with different settings, and make the sensual experience last.

As the Evii sex toy vibrates, you can move it along the lining of your vagina or place it against the base of your scrotum. Feel the sensations moving up into your body. You can also move the sex toy down your thighs, use it to massage each others feet and feel its silkiness against your underarms. There are really no limits to exploration. You can even engage in the practice of edging, i.e., get yourself into the precipice of an orgasm and then pull back.

Biird Evii

Solo Tantric Play

Tantric sex isnt just for partners. It can also be used for solo sexual experiences, i.e., masturbation. When you engage in masturbation, you are liberated from the desire to please someone else. As such, you can focus exclusively on your pleasure and discover your body. Tantric masturbation allows you to be patient, so you can truly focus on the sensations your body can produce, especially when aided by sex toys.

We recommend using sex toys in bathtubs or showers, especially when you have enough time for yourself. You can even set the scene with gentle music, scented candles, and erotica. Once youre prepared, use the sex toy of your choice to explore your body. Theres no wrong way to engage in tantric sex. When you first try tantric sex, you may struggle to extend the experience. But try it over and over, and your sexual stamina, patience, and pleasure will soon enhance.

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