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Foot Fetishism Explained

Everyone has their own set of sexual attractions, fetishes, and kinks. What makes human sexuality so beautiful (and confounding) is that it’s unique to everyone. Sure, we can group different types of attractions into categories, but everyone’s relation to their attractions is wholly unique. For some people, there’s nothing sexier than feet, and that attraction is often labeled foot fetishism.

What is foot fetishism?

A foot fetish is basically a sexual interest in feet, toes, ankles, and other surrounding areas. However, the specific preferences within foot fetishism can differ from one individual to another. Some people like looking at feet, whereas others like licking or biting feet. Some like massaging and worshipping feet, whereas others like being stomped on. Some like bare feet, whereas others like feet with shoes, jewelry, painted nails, or other adornments.

Foot fetishism is a fairly commonplace and mainstream sexual kink. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually more common than other sexual kinks, such as BDSM, voyeurism, or golden showers; it merely means more people are open to talking about foot fetishism because it’s less stigmatized than many other forms of sexual attractions. Besides genitals, feet are often considered the most sexualized body parts.

What are the possible reasons for foot fetishism?

Understanding the roots of any form of sexual attraction is a wasted endeavor. Humans are complex in their diversity. Just as people have different preferences in clothing, music, and food, they also have different preferences in sex. Things you might consider mundane might be kinky to someone else and vice versa. Your sexual preferences can be determined by a complex set of factors, including biology, social conditioning, history, and psychology.

On a purely physical level, foot fetishism can be linked to the fact that feet are some of the most prominent erogenous zones on the body. Your feet have hundreds of nerve endings that offer intense sensations, capable of inducing strong orgasms. Tickling, massaging, and rubbing feet can deliver immense pleasure. As such, in some cases, foot fetishism can be simply linked to the desire to give or receive pleasure from a non-genital area.

On an emotional plane, foot fetishism can be linked to subservience or domination. Feet are traditionally considered a lowly body part, so some people derive pleasure from establishing a subservient dynamic with their partner. They may want to worship their partners feet or be stomped on. Domination is the other side of the coin — you may also express your foot fetishism by resting your feet on your partner and having it worshipped.

Whatever the roots might be, foot fetishism is perfectly normal and valid, and you should experience no shame in it.

Regardless of the root cause of your foot fetishism, it’s important to emphasize that there’s nothing pathological at play. You may have a foot fetish for purely biological or psychological reasons, though it’s more likely that it’s a combination of both and several other factors. Whatever the roots might be, foot fetishism is perfectly normal and valid, and you should experience no shame in it.

Do footwear and accessories matter?

Foot fetishism is closely linked to shoe and socks fetishism. Some might be sexually attracted solely to bare feet or footwear, but its more likely theyre linked. Foot fetishists are often, though not always, attracted to different types of footwear, shoes, socks, jewelry, and adornments. Meanwhile, others prefer bare feet without obstructions. Some also like footwear that reveals only parts of the feet, such as sandals.

High heels and socks, in particular, are extremely common subsets of foot fetishism. You can find entire websites dedicated to the worship of high heels or socks. People with a proclivity towards high heels may like being stepped on by heels, whereas others might revel in licking high heels worn by their partners. Socks can be similarly exciting, especially since they carry the partner’s musk and scent, which, in itself, can be a source of sexual pleasure.

In short, footwear and accessories might matter to some and might not matter to others; they might be the primary source of sexual pleasure for some and superfluous to others; it varies from one person to the other.

How to explore foot fetishism?

Whether you’re a foot fetishist or not, the fact that you’re reading this article suggests you’re at least curious. Perhaps you’re simply curious about it theoretically, or maybe you’re wondering how to engage in it yourself. We suggest exploring your foot fetish curiosities with a partner in a safe, loving, and consensual environment. Below, we highlight a few things you can try while dipping your toes in foot fetishism (pun intended!)


Pedicures are a great way to explore your foot fetishism. Depending on your preference, you can either try receiving a pedicure or giving a pedicure to a partner. While doing so, wash their feet and take the time to explore the sensation, both physical and mental, of proximity to their feet. Not only will it satisfy your sexual desire or curiosity, but it will also give you or your partner well-groomed feet!

Shoes and Socks

If you like feet, there’s a chance you might be interested in shoes, heels, socks, and other adornments. You can start by kissing your partner’s shoes, touch them around the ankles, take them off, and play with their feet. Take your time removing their socks, maybe even sniff their socks if that sounds enticing. If you (and your partner) are comfortable, you can even lick the soles of their feet, with or without socks.

Foot Job

If youre serious about exploring foot fetishism, you can also incorporate it into your general sexual experience. If your partner is willing, ask them to rub their feet against your genitals. They can penetrate your vagina with their toes or glide their feet against the shaft of your penis. They can also stroke the lining of your anus. Over time, you can get just as creative with feet as you can with hands. You have ten toes; make them count.

These are just some of the ways to explore your foot fetishism. However, as long as you’re comfortable, you can get as creative as you want and explore your desires!

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